Chelmsford 100 - Connecting

100 Stories

Like the silks themselves, we are all threads closely woven into the fabric of history. And we are all connected – to each other and this miraculous spinning orb we share. Our Haven. Our Home. Tread gently.

Cllr Rose Moore

At the heart of Chelmsford 100 is the belief that listening to each other is fundamental to both art and community.

With this in mind, everyone taking part in Chelmsford 100 was first and foremost asked to share a story about their life in Chelmsford.

The stories that emerged included:

– Celebrations of local heritage, notable figures and landmarks

– Descriptions of areas of natural beauty, favourite walks, and environmental concerns

 – Family histories, treasured memories, and personal journeys

– Hobbies and vocations, food, pets, and music; the things that keep us going and help us connect

– Charitable causes, social activism, key workers, and community projects

– Reflections on the diversity and complexity of our communities

– Creative writing and poetry

 Most of all, the stories were reflections of recent times, the connections we made, and of our shared hopes for the future.

All 100 of these stories will be shared in full in a commemorative book to be published in 2023, and then on this webpage. We hope that you will find them inspiring.