Chelmsford 100 – Connecting Hidden Gems

Chelmsford’s new mobile celebration of community, creativity, environment and volunteering takes its inspiration from the areas waterways and outdoor spaces.

Get Involved

Welcome to our very first year of Chelmsford 100: Hidden Gems. A new festival of talking, creating, connecting and walking.

Chelmsford 100 is a new community development project led by Chelmsford CVS in collaboration with Kinetika, the internationally renowned arts charity, and a wide range of individuals, community and wellbeing groups. Together we have created 100 silk batik flags that tell stories of Chelmsford. 

We’ll be walking with and exhibiting the flags and telling the stories behind them over the Summer. Please take a look at our Chelmsford 100 walking page to find out more.

The flags and their stories showcase a legacy of the talents, resourcefulness and community spirit that resides across the district. 

We hope to build upon this, in years to come, creating an expanding and connected celebration that everyone can feel a part of.

We have now completed all flag designs needed for this first year of Chelmsford 100 but there are lots of other ways you can get involved this year and next. 

Why not come and see the flag installations or walk with us?